Matt’s parents moved from Maumee to Lambertville, Michigan to enroll Matt in the Ida School for the Deaf and fitted him with high-output digital hearing aids. The school taught him to communicate, as well as, talk, and mainstreamed him with other students. He began playing golf as a seven-year- old with his father and started competing in tournaments at the age of 13. Through his high school years, he competed on the golf team and became the only deaf golfer to play for the school. He received several awards including, most improved, MVP and the Coaches award. He earned a Varsity letter and was Medalist of the LCAA Championship. Golf became an escape and a therapy. It allowed him hours of solitude practicing and playing golf, free from social abuse and the effort of trying to understand an unfriendly world. In 2006, he received a cochlear implant, which allowed him improved communication skills. It not only made him more socially adept, but he became able hear the sound of the golf ball striking the club. As every golfer knows the sound is what distinguishes the perfect shot from the not so perfect.  After graduating from high school, Matt met professional golfer, B.J. Pitzen, while working at the Legacy by Arthur Hills. Pitzen hired Matt as his caddie while competing on the NGA Tour, as well as, various mini tours around the country. Matt earned a valuable education, while traveling and playing golf for a living. Using what he learned from watching top- notch professionals, his own game improved and he qualified to join the NGA (Hooters) Tour in 2007. Finding sponsors and the money necessary to chase a dream to compete as a professional golfer is a daunting task for any young pro, but for a player with a hearing disability, it is even more challenging. Matt decided to take his knowledge of the game and his past experience of dealing with his physical challenges and introduce other special needs children to golf.  Children with physical limitations have different teaching needs and learning skill set than other children. Matt has the patience and the understanding of what it takes to teach special needs children. In 2014 Matt established the Matt Lake Golf Academy at Bedford Hills Golf Club. The academy brings the lessons he learned from the best players and golf instructors in the world to help physically challenged and hearing impaired children in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.