To be a great teaching pro the following is required: Knowledge of the golf swing, Passion for teaching and the ability to explain in such a way to not overwhelm the student. Matthew Lake possesses these traits. If you are ready to improve your game you need to see Matthew Lake
-Randy Bowman- CEO SQRDUP

The L2 XL SERIES Putters is proud to be joining Matt Lake and the Matt Lake Golf academy. His knowledge and abilities in both playing and teaching will be a great addition to our team in accomplishing our common goal, to make you a better golfer. We are looking forward to working with Matt and the golfers that have overcome their challenges in order to enjoy a game that is a great reflection of a fulfilled life, one stroke at a time!
John M. Ambrose

Having dealt with limited hearing capability his entire life, Matt Lake understands the hardships endured by everyone with physical challenges. He is able to use this experience in his teaching to help everyone learn the game and increase their enjoyment of golf........Fred Altvater, Ohio Golf Journal

My experience with Matt has been awesome!! I’ve gone from a not so confident 10 handicapper down to a very confident scratch golfer in just about 1 year and it is all thanks to my teacher! Matt has the ability to blend both the mechanics of the swing as well as the mental side of the game for overall improvement. His approach has made it easy for me to understand but more importantly be able to execute the changes we have made on my golf swing. I highly recommend him as a teacher to any golfer who wants to take their game to the next level.

-Nick Thompson AVP Banking-